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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Saddam Hussein execution video and Mahathir slams the justice process

It is all too clear that the war criminal Bush has no sensitivities whatsoever for Muslims on their pilgrimage to Mecca. This barbaric act is a sacrilege,” he (TDM) said.He said the entire Saddam trial process was a mockery of justice. “Yet, we are told that Iraq was invaded to promote democracy, freedom and justice,” he said.

He noted that over 500,000 Iraqi children died during the years of U.N. economic sanctions after the first Gulf War in 1991, and that findings by the medical journal, Lancet, revealed that over 650,000 Iraqis had died since the U.S. invasion. Mahathir blamed the deaths on Bush.

“If President Saddam Hussein is guilty of war crimes,” then the world must find Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard “equally guilty,” he said, urging the International Criminal Court to “prosecute these war criminals. (Read the full news at International Herald Tribune)

The duration of this video is 3 minutes. It shows the whole process of the execution. So please be strong if you wish to view it until the end. The visual was recorded using a mobile phone. The sound is clear and you can hear Saddam’s last word.

“… Then Saddam began reciting the “Shahada,” a Muslim prayer that says there is no god but God (Allah) and Muhammad is his messenger. He made it to midway through his second recitation of the verse. His last word was Muhammad." This is just not right and I totally agreed with (TDM). May Saddam soul rest in peace 'amin'


1 Conversation:

on the 1/08/2007 08:41:00 AM, Anonymous chaphati said...

"Perhaps Mahathir Mohamad, former Premier of Malaysia, voiced what most Muslims in the world are feeling when he said Saddam’s hanging was a lynching and that George W. Bush and Tony Blair were criminals."

Sad to see the sad state of the muslim world. Most of the voices against the hanging came from the the non-muslims!

The saddest part... OIC Chairman approved the hanging on that day! Oh yeah... I forgot. he is also the pm of malaysia and probably thought that Saddam is a type of cow suitable for qurban.

Which muslim leader actually spoke on behalf of the rakyat? I guess no one wants tell bush that spade is a spade and end-up like saddam.

To those who still thought that hanging saddam is the right thing to do, just set aside your religious, race or where you are coming from and ask yourelves whether justice and the interest of the Iraqi people had been served...


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