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Friday, February 02, 2007

guerilla LED ad campaign lead to terrorism scare in boston

"ATHF is the bomb"

There was a terrorism scare in Boston last wednesday, strange devices were found all over the city. Police close down most of the area. The bomb squad came, detonated and removed all of it. Turns out the devices are part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for [Cartoon Network which is owned by Time Warner] "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". The devices are little LED Moominites. I thought it was a cool & cheap campaign but the authorities and US media turn it into a complete 'moronic' situation. Read more from Metroblogging Boston, here's the first and last posts on this topic.

Boston's freaked out police have arrested the guy who stuck those things around town... They're going to come up with all kinds of charges to justify the official panic attack and predictable meltdown suffered by the police and city administration. Yeah... I think they should actually pass a law that bans LEDs. LEDs are evil, they are weapons of mass destruction. No more LEDs, return to using light bulbs again. No wait, I think you can also make bombs from lightbulbs. Ban lightbulbs. Use candles! Ahh, no way, candles are dangerous too! Fire!! Fire!!! And you can stick a candle up someone's arse eye, too. People might get hurt! Terrorists are just waiting to hijack a plane using candles, and then blow everything up! this is stupid paranoia!!!. Get from Raplica this cool T-shirts with a Mooninite and the slogan "ATHF is the bomb" to make fun of the foolish authorities who practically shut down Boston because of all this. I ordered mine, go and get one yourself.

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