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Monday, March 05, 2007

once i was addicted to shisha but enjoyed my company of friends

" drinking coffee with Mr Waleed using al kadou Shisha, listening to Amr Diab-Leyla "

I manage to totally quit smoking cigarette in Nov 2003. I started smoking when I was 18years old. While in Jordan for news assignment on Iraq war in April 2003, I pick-up shisha smoking there. I actually found out that shisha smoking was worst than cigarette last year and manage to quit too. But I am tempted again by my new found friend here. My spoken arabic wasn't good and he does not know english, we communicate by gesture and sign language...very funny and I learn something from him. I was even invited to his house later, but decline.

The culture of shisha smoking is not what you put in the pipe, but who is with you while you're smoking. In cafes, you find good people, old people, interesting people in good company and friendship...warm atmosphere. Along the coastal sides of Arabia, people in small towns and fishing/pearling hamlets, used for almost two centuries to smoke a particular shisha made totally from clay they referred to in the UAE as “al kadou”. Here in Dubai, a shisha costs between 5-7 Dirhams along Muttina Street and up to 50 Dirhams in classy cafes of 5 star hotels. In addition, there are now many shops that sell different types of shisha with added paste of fruits that have strong exotic aromas, such as apple, melon and strawberry. A good shisha in Dubai would cost around Dh 200, but the price may be as cheap as 35 Dirhams or as expensive as 5.000 Dirhams!

I like having my shisha with a glass of ice water and a cup of sweet, tangy, infused 'cardomom' traditional Arabic style coffee. Drinking coffee is a part of Arabic style hospitality, and you might be lucky enough to be offered some of this coffee in a tiny cup, poured from a traditional style coffee pot before business meeting in Dubai. It shows that they respect your visit and should take in the liquid just a sip at a time, and smell the aroma, it’s magical!

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5 Conversation:

on the 3/11/2007 10:05:00 PM, Blogger The Herb Gardener said...

Hi there.. i enjoyed reading your article... here in London we are looking very closely at shisha smoking as the health effects (as you rightly) say are much worse than those associated with cigarette smoking. Have a look at my blog where there is some advice on shisha smoking. I hope you manage to stay off the pipe, but if you do start again, maybe go and see a smoking cessation advisor who can presribe nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) which will help you manage the cravings. Good luck.

on the 3/14/2007 08:45:00 AM, Blogger Hatz said...

Hi Martin, thanx for dropping by. Yeah I quit smoking on Nov 2003 and been smoking shisha socially. Last year I totally stop it but i did it this once here on my post. Interesting read on your blog, will come back once awhile.

on the 3/14/2007 05:02:00 PM, Blogger Herb Gardener said...

Hi Hatz.. Thanks for dropping by my blog... I'm working supporting businesses to implement the smoking ban in London, UK (on July 1st). Yesterday I spoke with cafe owners whose premises allow shisha smoking. Shisha is to be banned under the new legislation. They are worried because for some of them, shisha represents 50% of their business. In Westminster, there are more than 100 cafes that allow shisha smoking (Edgware Rd). I'll let you know what happens as we get closer to the ban. Best wishes, Marty

on the 3/19/2007 09:16:00 AM, Blogger Hatz said...

Hi Martin, yeah i heard of 'Edgware Road'...popular piece of middle-eastern in central London. I would like to visit London one of this days. Over in Malaysia, smoking are still less regulated and you can smoke mostly anywhere. Unlike Singapore, they banned smoking in many indoor areas such as air-conditioned buildings, public transportation vehichles and hospitals.They also banned smoking indoors, such as bars, restaurants and clubs. You can only smokes in designated area, else they will 'fine' you

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