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Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple iPhone hacking start today!

As coverage of the iPhone release today on Friday June 29 reaches boiling point, web applications providers are frantically pumping out versions of their applications for the iPhone. Meanwhile hackers are itching to begin probing the upcoming iPhone for security weaknesses and unlocking the device for 3rd party extensions and hacking applications. Hackers also interested on the type of processor that Apple chose to power the new device and what kind of assembly language "shellcode" might work on this chip. I have doubts about a mobile device being based on x86 chip. For me, I'm interested in exploiting areas for Bonjour services, WiFi & unlocking the device so that I can use it with any of my local GSM carriers.

" ahhh...fresh out of the box, get my tools and rip this baby open " 

Read here to understand why Apple locked all third party developers out. For iPhone hot topic on the Dailydave discussion list, a widely read forum on security research. Or you can 'iPhonized' your PDA with this mode hacks. If you are looking for a way to see how your web creations will look on iPhone? Look no further... iPhoney gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment - powered by Safari - that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It's the perfect 320x480 pixel canvas for your iPhone development. And it's free. Watch this space, I will be highlighting more future iPhone Hacks & Tricks.

" if anyone can't wait to have theirs.. there's a pdf to download for fun,
cut-it-out and glue them together, download file here "

For mine, I will wait and buy the second-generation iPhone coming out this fall.

Checkout this 3rd party application and listing:
iPhone Application List

More info on iPhone features: via [ www.thinksecret.com ]

• RSS reader
Apple has developed a web app at reader.mac.com that will bring RSS feeds to the iPhone. Users will be able to add the addresses of news feeds and check on headlines through the Apple-designed RSS aggregator.

• Custom ringtones
Custom ringtones will not be officially supported when the iPhone launches this week.

• SIM card tray
As has been previously disclosed, the iPhone's SIM card tray is located at the very top of the device and can be removed using a paper clip. iPhone owners will be able to use any AT&T SIM card in the tray, though the card will need to be activated through iTunes before using. Apple will recommend that customers use the SIM card that will ship with the iPhone.

• iCal integration
iPhone owners will be able to use the device to view multiple calendars synchronized from iCal. However, any events created on the iPhone will be added only to a single calendar. (Changes made to existing events will remain in their assigned calendar.) To add an event to another calendar, users will have to move the event on the desktop.

• iTunes 7.3
Apple has disclosed that the iPhone will require iTunes 7.3. While the update won't contain any significant Mac functionality, it will include Sync Services and Mobile Device Syncing on the Windows side.

• Operating System size
When formatted, the 8GB iPhone will have about 7.24GB of free space. The device's OS will take up about 300MB. Updated: In an effort to clarify where the "other" 440MB of space goes if an 8GB iPhone is left with 7.26GB, it is important to remember that Apple defines 1GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes, as most disk manufacturers do. Operating systems, the iPhone's included, correctly define 1GB as 1,073,741,824 bytes. Thus, an "8GB" iPhone really only has "about" 7.5GB of usable space. The OS occupies "about" 300MB, leaving an 8GB iPhone with 7.24GB of free space.

• Using EDGE during phone calls
Sending an email or using Safari over the EDGE network will not be available while making a phone call; if you send an email, it won't send until after the call has ended. Such applications can, however, take advantage of Wi-Fi networking to use the Internet while placing a call.

• Antenna
The iPhone's antenna is located in the back part of the phone at the bottom, where the unit is colored black.

• Conference call
As previously noted in reviews, the iPhone's conference call feature holds up to six callers, including yourself. You will also be able to talk privately with an individual member of the conference while the other four are on hold; during this time, the other four can still talk to each other.

• Copy and paste
Published reviews have correctly reported that you will not be able to copy and paste on the iPhone. However, notes can automatically be sent from the Notes application to Mail.

Meanwhile, sources have disclosed that Apple's miniscule Bluetooth headset will sell for $129, while a deluxe dock that includes a built-in port for charging the headset alongside the iPhone will set you back another $49.

For iPhone buyers who want all the fixings, that brings the total out of pocket cost to about $777, plus tax, if one picks up the 8GB model.

In addition to the improved dock, the $49 deluxe dock will include a special travel iPhone connector cable that includes a port for charging the Bluetooth headset, so travelers will only need to tote one cable to charge both devices.

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2 Conversation:

on the 6/29/2007 04:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The iPhone comes in a black sleek box, not the oversized white photoshopped box.

on the 6/29/2007 04:35:00 PM, Blogger Hatz said...

Dude... it's a parody mock-up box, not the actual product.


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