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Friday, June 15, 2007

how to hide from malaysian internet-police task force

" the recent spat in our Malaysia blog sphere,
click here for real picture of uncle monsterball "

A task force will be formed to study the need to regulate Internet sites with pornographic and seditious content...
The websites to be monitored are those which contain pornographic material and those, including blogs, which carry seditious material.

"These include blogs which post inflammatory content against other races or religions and not just blogs on politics or those which criticise the government," a source said.

for further reading from NST story here or from Rocky's Bru and Nuraina A Samad's 3540 Jalan Sudin.

But you can't really control the internet, for the tech savvy in computer security...there's always a great way to stay Ultimate-Anonymity.

For anonymity, I would recommend:(please search & research my suggestion list on your own and don't email me on how to implement it, USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK! (See Disclaimer)

1. Spoofmac or something to change your network card MAC address (this is important on public networks)

2. Use a public network that lots of other people use (like a large university library. All those kids are probably downloading music anyways.)

3. Have a firewall up and run little snitch (Use netbarrier for a firewall--there's a pretty good configuration file for it floating around somewhere)

4. Use TOR for web browsing and other applications which support it (azureus and limewire maybe). TOR on firefox is amazingly easy to set up. There is absolutely no reason not to use it

5. Use MUTE for P2P (it is probably more anonymous than limewire through TOR)

6. Don't use P2P at all if you are paranoid... wired or KDX through TOR on a public network is probably about as safe as you can get.

7. And finally (and this is pretty basic web advice) DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION! Delete cookies, etc. Don't use you're real name. Don't check your email while you 'stayed anon'. Don't be talking on AIM. Your personal activities(email, etc.)should occur separately in space and time from your 'stayed anon' activities. When you check your email you should be
a) in a different place
b) at a different time
c) on a different network
d) with a different ip address and
e) with a different MAC address. That way, the network admin won't be able to associate the person who 'stayed anon' with the person who was checking their personal email account.

Things which I do not recommend:

1. JAP (its security is compromised)

2. netshade (iI have heard it is not secure. and its slow. However, if you set it to only use proxies outside of your country, the local authorities can't force them to say what you are doing)

3. IP block lists like peer vangaurd (Authorities can use TOR just as easily as you can, and they probably do. IP block lists block a ton of legit sites, and give you a false sense of security.)

4. Acting suspicious (don't be the only person in the library, at night, after hours, 'stayed anon' in full view of the door. Find large groups of people and blend in with the crowd.)

5. not having fun. (because that's what its all about, right?)

If you are running limewire or bittorrent through TOR on a public network using a fake MAC address, you are probably pretty safe. P2P at home is probably a pretty bad idea though.

Finally, know the limitations of the security you use. Know how it works, and how it can be compromised. (For example, how could police find out who you are, even if you were using something like TOR or MUTE?) If you are doing anything ILLEGAL, in time..the security expert and the police will know your true identity, so BEWARE!!!

To secure your Mac from intruders/hackers,
please click here.


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