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Sunday, June 24, 2007

"mother of all genocide" in western democracy

" The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been
given the green light by the Bush administration to
carry out an “information war” against several states
in the Middle East, including Iran, Lebanon ... "

There is a genocide going on today under the disguise of 'Democracy'. It has gone on for 515 years,since Columbus entered the Mexican shore in the so called "new world". It is the western imperialistic and colonial system,who since have ruled,robbed and slaughtered the rest of the world in quest for resources that belonged to the poor. This is mother of all genocide that makes the other smaller genocides look like a fight in the boys scout(I am a scouty..yay).

Greed is driving it. First came Latin-America, later Asia and Africa.

Because of oil, todays war and killing brought it to the rest of Middle East.Of course the west uses all the euphemisms (PR machinery) available to disguise what has been going on, and still goes on. Occupation is called "liberation","bringing democracy", "civilizing", "liberal intervention". The resistance to the illegal occupations have up through the years been called "extremists","terrorists" and the like. So you get a new euphemism (PR machinery) to use. Rewrite the situation and start calling invasions and occupations "war on terror" The poor western public lives their lives under these euphemisms (PR machinery).

Please read:
1. The democracy of Bushism
2. Washington’s secret war against Tehran
3. U.S. ME plan: Another ploy to divide & rule?

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