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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

iPhone hacking update report

The group at iPhone Dev Wiki have released a proof of concept activation program for the iPhone that works with a valid token (deactivation works with any token). "unactivated" (pristine) iPhones can be activated with this spoofing code. Releasing this code under the GPL today this evening, for the Mac, as a universal binary. Download here [http://lpahome.com/iPhone/tool.zip/] . You can absolutely use the iPhone for iPod and Wifi with this patch.

Jon Lech Johansen has published a patch for iTunes that works similarly. His work (based off his own token) "spoofs" the activation directly. You can read about it here[http://nanocr.eu/2007/07/03/iphone-without-att/] (mirror: http://files.photojerk.com/iphone/).

[copy & paste link to your browser]

Progress updates:
• iPhone Dir: The directory structure of the OS for the iPhone has been successfully extracted and can be found under SystemFileAndDirectoryList.
• DMG: Has been successfully unencrypted and unpacked.
• Unlocking: Groups are attempting to access the serial side of the radio to issue an unlocking code that will work.
• Services: Attempting to get SSH running on the iPhone.
• Restore process: This is tightly involved with the other efforts and is being worked on.
• Custom applications: Still unknown. It was thought that the iPhone might only run signed code, but it seems that this is not the case.

Focus area now:
• Focused at the moment on gaining access to the phone and issuing commands to the radio. They have identified the relevant unlock commands but have no way of issuing them to the radio or of testing the veracity of generator for unlocking.
• Several team members are trying to start services on the phone. SSH is a notable priority. Additional crew diving into the restore process, since this will be necessary to understand just how applications are deployed and whether or not, user-created applications on the iPhone outside of the AJAX applications Apple has seen fit to allow.
• A group attempting to understand in-depth the role of usbmuxd because it may be related to communication with the radio/baseband of the phone (which would lead to unlocking). The additional help should lead us to be able to adopt a "divide and conquer" approach.

[IRC - hack the iphone chat - #iphone @ irc.osx86.hu]

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